About us

Founded by Gayan Lokumanna, Plutus is a groundbreaking Training and Consultancy driven platform with a plethora of convenient certifications, specialized study programs and consulting services designed for students, working professionals and organizations aiming for advancement in their individual career pathways, for personal enrichment and to receive the best expert advice for their business requirements.

Providing professional training in all study programs, Plutus seeks to function with determination and innovation. Our learning center provides strategically selected administrations, and with a panel of highly experienced lecturers, we can even conduct customized training based on your business requirements.

Therefore, if you are trying to build a company or pursue a new career path, Plutus has all the resources you need to support your undertakings and more!

Our training system is steadfast in providing the highest quality education with adequate use of technology, professional levels of instructional schemes and designs and not to mention, the most qualified trainers and consultants, armed with years of comprehensive industry experience on their relevant fields. Speaking of trainers and consultants, did we mention we don’t let anyone with a hefty resume train at our premises? We carefully evaluate them before they are given the green light to train at Plutus.

Our training is onsite and unique. We believe that our students can achieve success only when their personal needs are met. For this reason, we obtain and evaluate the needs of the customer and customize our training plan for them. We are willing to work on an individual to individual basis and change the order of our training structure, incorporate customer needs and fulfill all their requirements. We don’t call ourselves unique for nothing!

What you’ll obtain is an innovative way of a service delivery that has been reinforced with over many years of experience – this gives us a superior ability to meticulously identify student and business needs, in terms of subjects and general facilities.

We are also enriched with over 20 years of IT experience, ensuring that you obtain the highest breed of technology and consultation services. We believe in setting standards in quality training and consulting – quality delivery is just as important to us as quality training.

Courses and Consultancy Services

Our courses address the requirements of Developers, IT Professionals, Software End-users, Web & Graphic Designers and many more. We offer courses effectively delivered by professionally experienced and suitably certified trainers. Our prime focus is on training solutions that lead to prominent certifications such as the following:

  • Database Technologies (Including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Cassandra and MongoDB, etc.)
  • Middleware (Including Application server, etc.)
  • Operating Systems (Including Microsoft, Linux, etc.)
  • Enterprise and Cloud Management technologies (Including Oracle Enterprise Manager, etc.)
  • Networking (Including Cisco etc.)
  • Virtualization (Including Oracle VM, VMWare, etc.)
  • Information Security (Including CompTIA, CEH etc.)
  • IT Services Management ( Including ITIL and others)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)