Management Team

Gayan Lokumanna

With 15 years of experience in the IT industry, I could see certain gaps with regard to conventional IT training conducted for professionals in Sri Lanka. For an instance, inability to evaluate the skills and capabilities of trainers lead to poor quality of delivery, dissatisfied participants and as a result end up in no value for money. Standard training do not meet the exact client requirements. On the other hand, there is lack of supportability of training arrangements in terms of location and other facilities. I personally sensed that there is lack of overall industry experience in defining the most optimal business solution for individual organizations. As a result, the clients are not exposed to alternative business solutions and getting bound by one or limited vendor specific solutions. Hence, bearing ‘Quality Delivery’ as the name of the game, Plutus was established with the intention of being customer focused via addressing the above drawbacks faced by them.

Hiroshani Lokumanna

Amidst today’s dynamic business environment, having a well-trained workforce is the aspiration of every company irrespective of the industry they are in. Notably, the IT industry is undergoing tremendous changes and upgrades and it has become a necessity for organizations to move forward with the new trends in order to sustain the competitive advantage. At Plutus, our well recognized and certified panel of resources are committed to deliver quality, customized training solutions and consulting opportunities catering exact client requirements. Thus, you are welcome to contact us with your training or consultancy requirement to get your customized solution planned for you today!

Thanujika Perera

Beyond doubt, information technology professionals need to embrace new technology and business trends faster than anyone in today's’ dynamic world. The significance of this has become to a stage where the failure to do so leads to organizational collapse and not being able to effectively face the industry competition. As a result, executing business strategies with the support of information technology has become mandatory for organizations. In this setting, we have identified the growth of quality based software IP over quantity and also experienced the distributed systems to cloud based appliances which necessitate the information technology professionals to have proper training and right set of tools to meet market demand. Hence, Plutus is specialized in providing the right solutions considering business requirements and you don’t have to look further to find the right place for customized training needs and consultancy requirements.

Sajeeva Lakmal

Plutus was established with the intention of taking industrial training in Sri Lanka to new heights by making it entirely portable with the usage of laptops, LMS and cloud labs facilitating clients to fulfill their training requirements with minimum re-arrangements. The expert pool of resource personnel is the critical success factor for Plutus facilitating customized training and consultancy requirements starting from the stage of feasibility study, compliance verification, system integration to post implementation verification. I am sure that Plutus soon becomes the one stop hub for industrial training and consultancy requirements in Sri Lanka. Thus, 'plug-in with experts' today with your unique training or consultancy requirements.